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    William Gibson

    THE THRILLING NEW NOVEL FROM THE INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF NEUROMANCER''Dazzling, astoundingly inventive'' The Times''Wild, richly satisfying'' Guardian''Terrific'' Spectatorbr>_______________San Francisco, 2017. Clinton''s in the White House, Brexit never happened - and Verity Jane''s got herself a new job.They call Verity ''the app-whisperer,'' and she''s just been hired by a shadowy start-up to evaluate a pair-of-glasses-cum-digital-assistant called Eunice. Only Eunice has other ideas.Pretty soon, Verity knows that Eunice is smarter than anyone she''s ever met, conceals some serious capabilities and is profoundly paranoid - which is just as well since suddenly some bad people are after Verity.Meanwhile, in a post-apocalyptic London a century from now, PR fixer Wilf Netherton is tasked by all-seeing policewoman Ainsley Lowbeer with interfering in the alternative past in which Verity and Eunice exist. It appears something nasty is about to happen there - and fixing it will require not only Eunice''s unique human-AI skillset but also a little help from the future.A future which Verity soon fears may never be . . .br>_______________''One of the most influential writers around...with Gibson''s trademark panache, the story rattles along with great pace and suspense'' Sunday Times''One of our greatest science-fiction writers'' New York Times''A sensual, remarkably visual ride, vigorous with displays of conceptual imagination and humour'' The Guardian''Among our most fascinating novelists'' Daily Telegraph''Gibson is a prophet and a satirist, a black comedian and an astounding architect of cool'' Spectator''One of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working'' Boston Globe''His eye for the eerie in the everyday still lends events an otherworldly sheen'' New Yorker''Engaging, thought-provoking and delightful... [Gibson] can always be counted on to show us our contemporary milieu rendered magical by his unique insights, and a future rendered inhabitable by his wild yet disciplined imagination'' The Washington Post''Gibson blurs the line between real and speculative technology in a fast-paced thriller that will affirm to readers that it was well worth the wait'' Booklist''Typically visionary, yet plausible and thrilling too'' I Paper''If you''re one of those who sees Gibson as a visionary, it''s time to be scared - the scenarios he''s playing with here don''t make for comfort reading'' SFX magazine>

  • A legacy of spies

    John Le Carré

    For the first time in over 30 years, John le Carré returns to the Cold War in this thrilling masterpiece interweaving past with present so that each may tell its own story! Peter Guillam, colleague of George Smiley of the British Secret Service has retired on the coast of Brittany when a letter from his old Service summons him to London. The reason? His Cold War past has come back to claim him.


    William Boyd

    Boyd on form is the ultimate in immersive fiction, and Love is Blind is Boyd at the top of his game . . . magnificent'' Sunday Timesbr>br>''A finely judged performance: a deft and resonant alchemy of fact and fiction, of literary myth and imagination'' Guardian Book of the Weekbr>br>This is William Boyd''s sweeping, heart-stopping new novel. Set at the end of the 19th century, it follows the fortunes of Brodie Moncur, a young Scottish musician, about to embark on the story of his life. br>br>When Brodie is offered a job in Paris, he seizes the chance to flee Edinburgh and his tyrannical clergyman father, and begin a wildly different new chapter in his life. In Paris, a fateful encounter with a famous pianist irrevocably changes his future - and sparks an obsessive love affair with a beautiful Russian soprano, Lika Blum. Moving from Paris to St Petersburg to Edinburgh and back again, Brodie''s love for Lika and its dangerous consequences pursue him around Europe and beyond, during an era of overwhelming change as the nineteenth century becomes the twentieth. br>br>Love is Blind is a tale of dizzying passion and brutal revenge; of artistic endeavour and the illusions it creates; of all the possibilities that life can offer, and how cruelly they can be snatched away. At once an intimate portrait of one man''s life and an expansive exploration of the beginning of the twentieth century, Love is Blind is a masterly new novel from one of Britain''s best loved>br>''Boyd is back on a form few of his contemporaries can match. This fine, touching and clever book is the best thing he''s written since [Any Human Heart] and deserves similar adulation'' Obseverbr>br>''Boyd''s talents as a rollicking storytelling [are] full on display in this historical blockbuster'' Metro br>br>''The book begins and continues at a cracking pace - or perhaps a cinematic stride - with scenes, scenarios, set-pieces and minor characters aplenty, all of which and all of whom might easily detain another writer for an entire book . . . He makes it look easy: he''s a pro'' New Statesman>

  • Metamaus

    Art Spiegelman

    Includes various sketches, rough and alternate drafts, family and reference photos, notebook and diary entries and the transcript of the author's interviews with his father Vladek as well as a long interview with the author himself. This book also includes a DVD packed with extra images, video and commentary.


    Colm Tóibín

    Clytemnestra eagerly waits for her husband, Agamemnon, to return victorious from battle. Before he set out he had sacrificed their young daughter to the gods. When Agamemnon returns home his wife will be waiting for him, for his death, for her revenge. A magnificent, brilliantly imagined story of the ties that bind and destroy one family from the acclaimed author of BROOKLYN.


    John Banville

    Isabel Osmond, a spirited, intelligent young heiress, flees to London after being betrayed by her husband, to be with her beloved cousin Ralph on his deathbed. After a sombre existence at her husband's Roman palazzo, Isabel's daring departure to London reawakens her youthful quest for freedom and independence. Soon Isabel must decide whether to return to Rome or to strike out on her own once more.

  • Trade Sales Day 2017 Teenager-Tochter wird vermisst, kommt nach 4 Tagen scheinbar gesund zurück. Aber nichts mehr ist, wie es war Autorin: Britin "Elizabeth is missing, 6/2014, PB 1/2015, 6394635 / Elizabeth wird vermisst 03/14"


    William Trevor

    *A Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller* 'What a writer he was; he could flip over a sentence so gently, and showthe underbelly in a heartbeat. His work is always quietly compassionate' Elizabeth Strout In this final collection of ten exquisite, perceptive and profound stories, William Trevor probes into the depths of the human spirit. Here we encounter a tutor and his pupil, whose lives are thrown into turmoil when they meet again years later; a young girl who discovers the mother she believed dead is alive and well; and a piano-teacher who accepts her pupil's theft in exchange for his beautiful music. These gorgeous stories - the last that Trevor wrote before his death - affirm his place as one of the world's greatest storytellers. 'Trevor is a master of both language and storytelling' Hilary Mantel 'He is one of the great short-story writers, at his best the equal of Chekhov' John Banville 'The greatest living writer of short stories in the English language' New Yorker

  • "The first biography of the most influential writer of his generation, David Foster Wallace David Foster Wallace was the leading literary light of his era, a man who not only captivated readers with his prose but also mesmerized them with his brilliant mind. In this, the first biography of the writer, D. T. Max sets out to chart Wallace's tormented, anguished and often triumphant battle to succeed as a novelist as he fights off depression and addiction to emerge with his masterpiece, Infinite Jest. Since his untimely death by suicide at the age of forty-six in 2008, Wallace has become more than the quintessential writer for his time--he has become a symbol of sincerity and honesty in an inauthentic age. In the end, as Max shows us, what is most interesting about Wallace is not just what he wrote but how he taught us all to live. Written with the cooperation of Wallace's family and friends and with access to hundreds of his unpublished letters, manuscripts, and audio tapes, this portrait of an extraordinarily gifted writer is as fresh as news, as intimate as a love note, as painful as a goodbye. "--

  • Colm Toibin was born in Enniscorthy in 1955. He is the author of nine novels including The Master, Brooklyn, The Testament of Mary and Nora Webster. His work has been shortlisted for the Booker three times, has won the Costa Novel Award and the Impac Award. His most recent novel is House of Names . He has also published two collections of stories and many works of non-fiction. He lives in Dublin.

  • US-Autor, "Then we came to the end, 2007 / Wir waren unsterblich" Stories, 6.2017

  • The lean startup

    Eric Ries

    Most new businesses fail. But most of those failures are preventable. This title offers a fresh approach to business that's being adopted around the world. It describes learning what your customers really want, testing your vision continuously, and adapting and adjusting before it's too late.

  • The best-selling author of The Age of Spiritual Machines explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain, outlining the controversial implications of increasing intelligence in order to address global problems while comparing emotional and moral intelligence and considering the origins of consciousness. 100,000 first printing.