Anglais HENRY VIII: WOLFMAN (édition en anglais)

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HENRY VIII: WOLFMAN DIVORCED. BEHEADED. DIED.MAULED.SAVAGED.SURVIVED? Henry VIIIwas the best and bloodiest King ever to have sat on the throne of England.This fast-paced, exciting, gory, inventiveand just plain gross retelling of hisreign willbring to light the real man behind the myth. When it came to his size, HenryVIII was known for being larger-than-life, with a fearsome temper and bloodthirsty reputation to match; more beast than human, some might say... Be dragged kicking and screaming back 500 years into Tudor England...

Rayons : Fantasy & Science-fiction > Science-fiction

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    A. E. Moorat

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    Hodder And Stoughton Ltd

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    406 Pages

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